Camping Accessories for Your 4x4

Offroad 4x4 weekend adventuring is a common practice with many people. If you have recently decided to take some offroad adventuring trips with your 4x4, you need the right accessories. These accessories can help make the trip easier and give you a few of the comforts of home no matter where you decide to go. Here are a few of the accessories and what you need to know about each option.

Rear Awning

No matter where you go for your camping trip, you will need an awning. An awning that can attach to your 4x4 and extend out, giving you coverage from rain, sun or even snow, is an ideal choice. These awnings usually have a heavy waterproof canvas or tarp-like top. The awning attaches to the luggage rack of your 4x4. Some of the awnings do have a magnetic option as well if you do not have a luggage rack. Two poles extend from the end of the awning to stabilise it in the ground. This awning can extend from the back of your vehicle or from the door depending on how you want it set up.

Portable Kitchen Units

Many manufacturers are now seeing the need for portable kitchen options that attach to the 4x4 for camping trips. If you have a 4x4 SUV, you can find portable kitchen units that are held in a metal case and can be attached to the back of your SUV or just inside the hatchback. If you have a traditional 4x4 truck, the portable kitchen unit can fit in the truck bed. The units attach, use your 4x4 as a base and allow you to cook directly off the back of the vehicle. This unit, combined with the awning, gives you a quick and easy camp set-up without the need for full camping tents and covers. They are ideal for offroad areas that have no cooking or fire pits.

Rooftop Tents

You may want to stay as close to your 4x4 as possible during the camping portion of the trip. One way to do that is with a rooftop tent. These tents fit over the top of your 4x4. They use the roof of the vehicle as the floor of the tent and give you a full tent experience. They generally have a ladder leading from the ground to the entrance of the tent. The tents can be kept warm with different heating options and do offer ventilation holes as well.

When you are ready to buy the accessories for your camping trip, contact your local 4x4 gear and accessory provider. They can help with options, ordering and any questions you have about the items. They can also help you determine other options that may be ideal to help with your 4x4 suspension during the trip as well.