The 3 things you need to think about when getting a trailer

Whether you are moving house, starting a small business or anything else, a trailer is often an easier alternative to renting a van. Simply attach it to the back of your car and off you go; just detach and unload when you get to where you are going! However, there are so many different options to consider that it can also be a slightly overwhelming choice, especially for residential or domestic use when you want to use your money in the wisest way possible.  So, no matter what you are planning on using the trailer for, here are some key things you should think about to help you get the most bang for your buck.

1. Buy or rent

The first key thing you need to think about it whether you should buy or rent your trailer. If you just need a one-off use then renting makes sense; however, sometimes you will realise just how many things you can use a trailer for, at which point it might be a better investment to buy outright rather than rent regularly. 

For example, if you are doing a big garden clear out you might need to make a lot of trips to recycling centre of the length of the project, and renting a trailer several times or for a longer period could actually cost you more. Also, if you invest in buying a trailer you could even make money off it - doing odd jobs for friends and neighbours could easily pay for the trailer. If you can imagine five to six scenarios you might need a trailer for, you might want to look into buying.

2. New or used

If you do want to go down the buying route, your next thing to think about will be whether to buy your trailer new or second hand. Both have advantages and disadvantages; for example, a second-hand trailer will typically be cheaper. However, a new trailer is likely to last longer and come with a guarantee should something go wrong. The trade-off here generally comes down to your budget and the amount of wear and tear you expect to put the trailer through. If you have the money or expect to use the trailer a lot, then invest in a new buy.  

3. Type and style

Once those two details are worked out, you are ready to think about the type of trailer you need. The two essential types most people will want are box trailers and quad trailers. Box trailers provide more height, solid structure and a solid roof. An open quad trailer gives a lot more flexibility about what you can put into it and whether you leave it opened or closed. You also need to think about the impact of different types of trailer on your driving experience, so make sure you ask what this might be or go for a test drive.

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